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Fiberglass Flyrodders welcomes well-mannered and considerate discussion and exchange of information, particularly about fishing and fiberglass fly rods. In order for this to work well, the viewpoint of the reader - particularly the reader at a much later date - is most important.

An average topic has 10 posts and 580 views; there are far more readers than posters. Anything added to a topic will be read by many. A topic should read easily from beginning to end and make sense. We encourage members to think before pressing the Submit button. Please consider the following when you are writing your posts:

The forum archives are full of information. Before posting a question, consider that it may have been asked (and answered) before. Please use the forum's search feature first. This is likely to give you a quick answer. The forum search is in the upper right corner. There is also a Google Site search at the bottom of the page.

Topics or Posts in the Wrong Forum
Please consider if the topic you are starting is in the correct section of the forums. Moderators will move topics that are obviously in the wrong forum. Moderators may also split out topics to keep things organized and meaningful.

Create a Great Subject Line
It benefits a reader to know what is in a topic before they open it. It benefits the searcher by helping them find the topics they seek. It benefits the poster by attracting interested readers and respondents.

Your subject line should summarize your post. Rod make and model are a plus. Please use title case and avoid punctuation. Moderators may edit the subject line to improve clarity or add related detail as the topic progresses.

Use Topic Icons
Besides creating a great subject line, topic icons can be used. For example, if the topic is a question, use Image or if you are sharing information use Image. This enhances your subject line.

All Capitals
Please do not create posts or subject lines all in capital letters. Capital letters are offensive to the eye and difficult to read. A former forum practice was to use capitals to emphasize a word or statement. Really there is no need for this when bold or italic format can be better used instead (even these should be used sparingly). An entire post in capital letters is considered rude internet shouting.

Use of Quotes
Quotes are a useful way of relating your reply to an early post. However excessive quoting makes topics very hard to read. Please only use quotes when necessary. The following suggestions apply:

  1. Please do not quote the full content of an earlier post. Click the Quote link, but please delete the text that does not apply.

  2. Please do not include images inside quotes.

  3. Please do not quote the from the immediately prior post (yes, some of us are old but our attention spans aren't that short).

Moderators will remove extraneous quotes.

Back to Back Posting
Posting two successive messages is unnecessary and makes a topic harder to follow. If your post is still last in the topic, and you have something to add, simply click the Edit button and add the additional information.

Adding Photos to your Posts
We have been let down several times by several 3rd party image hosts, resulting in valuable information being lost from this forum, as well as making it unsightly and unattractive to new visitors. Because of this, we would prefer that you use FFR's own image storage system, which has many added advantages and is much more simple.

Use of third party hosts is still permitted, but please make your images a suitable size for the Internet.

Whatever you do, please, please, please file and keep your own copy, of any photos.

Retrospective Editing
Once your post has been replied to, editing it has the potential to derail the topic. In general, please avoid this practice. However, correcting an error is wise, for example when a typo was made in a model number. Simply click the Edit button and add a correction at the end of your post. Or it may be worthwhile creating a new post to provide the edit.

Posting of Personal Details
Just don't do it! Examples are: Full name, address, phone number, email address. Please use the PM or Email button to communicate with forum members. Links and web addresses of business contacts are generally OK, but please do not post business email addresses. [more detail]

There is a fine line between discussion and argument. Opposing views and thoughtfully presented disagreement are fine in a discussion. However, a discussion becomes an argument when the posts include personal attacks and the tone turns aggressive. Moderators will edit, remove, or lock posts, as necessary, when arguments occur. If a member can't let an argument go, the member may receive a 'cooling off' ban.

If your primary thought as you type a post is "I'll show him!", then you are probably starting an argument. If so, please stifle yourself.

Personal Attacks and Threats
When discussions twist into serious arguments, it is best not to reply and let the moderators handle it. Personal attacks, including those in forum posts, personal messages, or emails, are not welcome. In particular personal threats are serious and will earn the threat maker a ban. A third such ban will be permanent.

A troll is a person who posts inflammatory messages, to disrupt the discussion or to upset its participants. Simply put, trolling will not be tolerated.

Off-Topic Posts
It happens - topics veer off course. Rather than drag a thread further off topic, please start a new topic in the appropriate forum and post a link in the original thread. Deviations from a topic's starting point are allowed, but please be reasonable.

Signatures are a privilege and not a right. Large flashy signatures can disrupt a discussion. Please keep signatures to a minimal size and avoid their overuse. Please do not enable signatures by default and only use them discretely. If your signature is just your name, or a discreet weblink, or both, that is fine! Misuse of signatures may result in the privilege being withdrawn from that member.

TapaTalk In-Post Signatures
This forum is not an advertising platform for TapaTalk or your mobile device. Advertising signature lines are spam and contribute nothing to a topic. Please remove the default advertising signatures from your settings. Moderators will remove these.

Personal Message System
Personal Messages (PMs) allow private communication exchange between two or more forum members. Members are limited to 300 messages per inbox, outbox, and sent folder. If you exceed this limit, you will not receive incoming PMs, until you delete some messages. It is a wise idea to retain email notifications of PMs as a record of their content. It is also possible to export PMs to a spreadsheet format. If a member abuses the PM system, their PM privileges will be withdrawn.

Note: A PM "stuck" in your outbox, simply means the recipient has not read that PM on the forum (but may have read the email notification).

Use the Report Feature
If you come across arguments, inappropriate topics, posts, or personal messages, please do not react to them. Instead, please alert the moderators by clicking the report link directly underneath all posts and PMs. Let staff deal with the issue.

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