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Please, do not post your email address, phone number, or other personal information on forum! First off, this is for your security. As I type this, there are 28 31 'guests' on our forum. Many are offline members or other legitimate visitors. Some people read our forum all the time, but have never joined. However, mixed in with those 28 31 is a continuous stream of undesirables - it is impossible to avoid them. As I type this, someone is repeatedly trying to register from Fujian Province, someone else from there is reading For Sale posts, and there are web bots from Google, Google Feedfetcher, Bing, Feedburner, and MSN indexing our topics. If you share your private information here, you share it worldwide!

Whether or not you enjoy unsavory online parasites is your business. However, spammers read and search our forum for information. When they find a telephone number or email address they come back - again and again and again. This slows down the system for legitimate forum members. DO NOT FEED THE SPAMMERS! Would you rather the forum resources go to us or spammers?

Please do not post 'hidden' email information. The days of posting an 'unreadable' email address as person [at] domainname [dot] com are long gone. Spammers use cheap labor to read and reap from forums like ours. DO NOT FEED THE SPAMMERS! You may post web addresses (URLs) because those do not help spammers and are already published.

Please use the PM button or the Email button to communicate with forum members. These buttons are located at the bottom left of every post. The PM button sends a message to the forum member's private message box (if set properly, the member also receives an email). The Email button securely sends an email to the forum member's registered email address. These features are there so forum members can communicate easily, yet still maintain their privacy. Please use them. You must be logged into the forum to use the buttons.


Please check your board preferences to make sure the PM and Email buttons are active for your account. Click User Control Panel in the upper right corner of any forum page (photo below), then click Board Preferences from the list on the left (second photo below. Make sure Users can contact me by e-mail and Allow users to send you private messages are clicked to Yes.)




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Thanks for the heads up

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This post must be read and re-read by all members, especially new ones.

Keep your information current and private. PM's are best!

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