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FFR Image Uploading and Posting

Quick Start
Designed from the ground up to be as simple as 1,2,3. Most likely, you will need no instruction.
  1. Add your images.
  2. Upload your images.
  3. Insert your images in your post.

  • Multiple image files are accepted up to a 5MB user limit. Please consider the size of your image files before you upload them.
  • Three versions are saved: a 150px thumbnail, an up to 800px by 600px post-able image, and the original, which is viewable via the clicked image.
  • The image(s) must reside on your device initially; direct upload from another site is disallowed.
  • The upload process will work differently depending on: your device, your Operating System and your browser software.
  • Images can be added one at a time, or as a set, either by selection or drag and drop onto the uploader page.
  • Previews are shown, allowing you to make adjustments to your image selection(s) before you upload them.
  • Your choice to either upload one or all.
  • Your choice to add thumbnails or regular sized images to your post.
  • For most, tapping or clicking the appropriate image size will automatically insert the appropriate code in your post at the point where your cursor is placed. Some users may have to copy the code into their post, using image tags.
  • Warning: Make sure all your images have been inserted into your message before preview, as the original codes will no longer be available. (You are still free to re-upload and insert.)
  • Warning: Please do not hotlink to FFR hosted images at any other site (such as eBay). You are free to link to your forum post.
  • Warning: Uploaded images cannot be: renamed, moved, or deleted; please plan ahead. (Of course, you may still edit your posts, should you so need.)
  • If a user posts multiple images in a topic, these images are connected when viewed as a gallery or slideshow.
  • If you do not wish to, or cannot use the uploader with your device/OS/browser combination, you can still use previous methods, such as Imgur.
  • Your use of this service is solely for images that you personally own or that you have obtained full use permissions from the image creator/owner. Substantiated claims of copyright infringement will result in us removing the image(s). Multiple infractions will result in a forum ban.

Step 1
Click the button above the smilies towards the left of the post editor:

and the tool will open:
[screenshot to be added: opened-uploader.jpg]

Step 2
Press the "Add Files" button:

select your files and press "Open" (or whatever equivalent your Operating System shows in its place):

The usual shortcuts for your Operating System apply. e.g. Ctrl+Click or Command+Click, selects multiple random files and Shift+Click selects a series of files.

If you are able to open two windows side by side, you can drag,
[screenshot to be added: drag.jpg]
and then drop the image/s anywhere on the page to add them.
[screenshot to be added: drop.jpg]

You will then end up with a screen looking like this:
[screenshot to be added: files-ready-for-upload.jpg]

If you choose an image(s) in error, you can remove them before you actually upload, either by using the "Cancel" button/s on the right for individual images, or by using the "Cancel Upload" button to remove all. You can then start again, if you wish.

[screenshot to be added: cancel.jpg]

You can upload a set of image at the same time by pressing the "Upload All" button, or you may choose to upload one image at a time using the "Start" button/s to the right of the file/s:
[screenshot to be added: upload-all.jpg]
Once that is complete, the screen will change to look like this:
[screenshot to be added: review-insert.jpg]

Step 3
If you need to, you may preview your uploaded images by either clicking on the thumbnail or the link, as shown by the red arrows above. Now you are ready to insert the image codes into your message.

Place your cursor in the message where you wish the image to appear:
[screenshot to be added: place-cursor.jpg]
Click or tap your choice of image size:

You will see the code appear in your message.

When you have inserted all your images into your post, you may use the "Preview" button to check your post. This will allow you to correct any errors or alignment issues before you "Submit" the post.

Viewing Posted Images

Clicking on an thumbnail or full image in a post will take you to a window displaying the original image. If a user posted more than one image, these images can be viewed either as a gallery or a slideshow by using the buttons above the image.

[screenshot to be added: gallery.jpg]

In conclusion
Image uploading is a service to be used in conjunction with posting in the Fiberglass Flyrodders (FFR) forums. By uploading your images, you are allowing FFR to display your images as part of the forum discussions. FFR will not use your images outside forum discussions without your written permission. While FFR is operational, we will do our best to preserve your photos as you uploaded them. However, FFR is not responsible if the images on our servers are lost or corrupted. Please ensure you retain copies of your images.

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Joined: 01/10/06
Posts: 7488
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A couple of tips for posting better photos.

First, take good photos of your tackle (easier said than done). A neutral background is better than very dark or very light. Put plenty of light on the subject - outside in open shade is great. Avoid direct sunlight or patches of sunlight (the photo will be washed out). If you must, trick your camera to focus by including a big barcode near the subject (crop out the barcode later). Use a tripod if you have it. Finally, transfer the photo to your computer. Unedited cell phones are rarely good photos and usually take up far too much memory. Please edit them on a computer first, if possible.

Use your computer software to edit your photos to a "post friendly" size. Crop out extraneous stuff from your photo. Resize the photo to no wider than 750 pixels. 640 pixels is better. Save the photo as a .jpg file, preferably at a quality where the final file size is less than 100KB. Not everyone has a high speed connection or a 20" computer screen. At least half of forum viewing is done with smart phones. Smaller photos download quicker and view easier. [Make sure you save your cropped and resized photo to a new name so you don't destroy your high-resolution original - Ron.]

If you do not have photo editing software, there are many online services, which can help you. For example: But a computer is best if you have one.


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