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Re: A few new McFarlands
Post 04 Sep 2020, 17:43 • #26 
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Nice job !


Re: A few new McFarlands
Post 04 Oct 2020, 15:18 • #27 
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Took the 6wt McFarland GTX out into salt looking for some stripped bass to play with. I have taken it out for LMB a few times this summer, but this was my first time hitting the salt since May and the first time with the GTX.
SO MUCH FUN!!! A bit of wind out of the north and the fish were all holding pretty deep but not a problem with this rod. I was throwing an older 250 (275?) grain sink SA sink tip line and unweighted flat wing flies about 3-4inches long and was able to connect with several bass up to 26 inches. Got a little nervous when they would get in close and then make a dive under the kayak putting a big bend in the rod but the rod didn’t break a sweat. Got out of the kayak and stalked the banks of some of the smaller creeks with an intermediate line and a clouser and was able to find a few more takers at slack high tide. Can not wait until next spring and stalking the flats in June with this rod.
Looking forward to using it later this fall to throw streamers for some meat eating browns. This taper is exactly what I was hoping it would be as a versatile 6wt and the build quality by Bob is outstanding. Thank you Bob and Mike for making this dream rod a reality.

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