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This gets trimmed up front and then mounted loosely on a short shank hook that has a hackle feather attached, but not yet wound.
Then, after mounting LOOSELY, wind thread a dozen times between body and shank. Then wind the hackle, also between body and shank. Leave bobbin and hackle pliers hanging. Turn it on its side. Add a micro drop of glue at the fulcrum of the parachute. Trim off the hanging stuff. It's done.

Floats like a mayfly. Stings like a hook?
Finished fly photo in a day or two.


.....mount a #10 beading needle in a vise horizontally. Wet the needle with fabric cement. Tie the above on the wet needle. Slide it off. Any fabric cement will do but Aleene's Flexible Stretchable is the best for fly tying.

light olive-dyed duck flank feather body
badger guard hairs tails
Senyo Laser Dub wing

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