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It looks like my dubbing brush thread already timed out, so further comments are no longer possible.
Perhaps the timeout period should be a few days longer? If ever at all?
What's wrong with reviving old converstaions? :=))

I'm easy. I'm just asking.

Anyway, here is a previously promised photo showing how I actually make thread-based brushes,
rather than wire-based brushes (thread is wetted with fabric cement first).


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Simply edit your last post if the reply bottom is nor available. You can add any additional information you want.

Over half of forum members read the forum on a smart phone. A single edited post is easier to read than several individual posts. The single post saves a little data too.


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Location: US-MT> phones. Good thought. I hadn't. Thank you.

Here's a thread brush made with hairs of some kind. I think it's badger guard hairs.
This is essentially the same thing as a wet fly hackle made as a dubbing loop, which
might have been made on the fly as you tie it.

But it's a lot easier to make these instead, as modular units, in advance, independent of the fly they
eventually get tied onto. If you leave a bit of thread running wild at each end--after the fabric cement cures--it is
easy to tie these on as if it was a hackle feather.

Hair dubbing loops made ON THE FLY are a lot trickier to accomplish well.


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