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Paraducks again
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I keep forgetting I can't add on to old threads. Here's a recent wrap. I've been making this one for a long time but only recently came up with a new twist that does make it easier.


On an emerger hook tie on a hackle feather but don't wind it yet. Lash down a short length of 0x mono on the top of the shank so it pinches in the middle only and curves up at the ends a bit--in line with the shank. Tie a duck flank feather on at the pinch point of the mono so it makes a shadow-like abdomen. Don't worry about the abdomen having a wide fuzzy end. That gets fixed in a later step.

Pull a tuft of Senyo Laser Dub on either side of the thorax. Make one or two wraps either side of the wing tuft while pulling up on the wing tuft with the other hand. Now make one parachute wrap above the thorax, at the base of the wing. Leave the bobbin hanging.
Turn the fly on its side. Wind the hackle UNDERNEATH the up-curving 0x mono. The mono keeps the parachute pinched down on the shank and keeps it from pushing the duck flank body up, so the body maintains an only slightly up-curved shape.

Put a small (micro) drop of resin at the fulcrum of the parachute hackle. UV or CA resin, as you like it.

Trim off the hanging thread and the waste hackle tip. It's almost done.

As a last step (or mass produced in advance) use a needle to roll a bit of fabric cement onto the tip end of the abdomen feather, so it maintains a nice sharp point. Aleene's Flexible Stretchable fabric cement is the best stuff for fly tying. Other faric cements cure hard. Stretchable Flexible cures to something vaguely like a soft gooey rubber band.

Casts well. Lands upright every time. Floats well. Dries off quickly--with one or two snap casts. Six months of Covid quarantine invented this fly? Actually I've been making it for years, with only a few minor tying twists added recently--that do make it a easier to make.

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