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Love the stories Pittendrigh.
I fished a couple places back east where the trout would hover in my "wake" and refuse naturals on the surface. I fooled those fish with heavy generic nymphs fished with leader only at rod's length. Kinda like Tenkara on/near the bottom. One place on marginal water I caught trout for a full month after other anglers gave it up as "no fish left there". Fishing "different" works on pressured fish.

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Great stories and observations indeed. I've hooked one that was set up in my wake, so close to me that I just dropped the fly with tippet and maybe a foot of leader from my thumb and forefinger. It was an 18" brown on the heavily-fished Platte River, and he took it. Didn't land him, but it was fun and a good fish story.

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pittendrigh wrote:
If you did wade up into that fast section the fish would all spook and disappear. If you stood still long enough they'd all appear again. At that point they'd eat anything you threw at them. "Selective" wasn't happening.

I have a carp pool on the Denver South Platte, where they are both wader and fly shy.. in four years of trying I've caught one (1) carp there. That was on a blind cast at a hazard..
It's possible to wade out, wait 15min without moving and they will reappear, but I've not yet found any fly they will eat..

once on a Wyoming lake, released a brook trout, it swam behind my wader legs and started picking scuds off my waders.. clearly not much traumatized by being caught.

sometimes a #20 RS2 tied with CDC will work for me on the hypersensitive Cheeseman/South Platte trout. This is unweighted, trailed behind some beadhead and/or a splitshot. But usually I just get skunked ;-)

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Nifty CDC flies show here. Could get some more great experimenting with them. viewtopic.php?f=7&t=49593&view=unread#p388590

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The Ed Story Crackle Back fly is my go-to for difficult trout.
It's the best wet dry I've used in a while.
And it makes a dynamite dry fly.

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