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Amphibians fluoresce
Post 08 Jun 2020, 13:08 • #1 
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Purist fly fishermen have long railed against fluorescent colors because "they aren't natural." I have friends I've fished with who've told me that.

I recently heard earth worms fluoresce at night. Next time it rains I'll have to try going out in the yard with a UV light.

And now this: ... e=facebook It turns out being a loyal Match the Hatch enthusiast now REQUIRES adding fluorescent materials to your tying collection. :=))

Re: Amphibians fluoresce
Post 08 Jun 2020, 14:01 • #2 
Glass Fanatic
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Let's not forget electro-phosphorescent beetles (lightning bugs).

Re: Amphibians fluoresce
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Further explanation for Lefty's saying, "If it ain't got chartreuse, it ain't no use!"


Re: Amphibians fluoresce
Post 08 Jun 2020, 15:46 • #4 
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tandem jigs are so effective for coast fishing they carry the aka Spec Rig.
It's also been a brand name for packaged tandem jigs since I was a kid, and since then remember the small white and blue jig combo most effective for night fishing.
My dad has caught every possible flats combination with 3" spec rig as his go-to lure in daytime colors white and yellow.

Glow-jigs are available now in 2" swim-shad, and also effective.
Using them last winter in black clouds of tiny glass minnows under the dock lights, I tied up glow in the front and blue in the back.
A great attractor, and every single seatrout was caught on the blue jig - ok, there we a couple of doubles in there.

I've tied up size 10 blue whistlers for night-time white bass fly fishing as long as I can remember, and have caught many stringers on consecutive casts in that hour before dawn or after sunset.
Go-to night-time color - blue. One theory is blue is the only color fish see separate from a monochrome world.

Re: Amphibians fluoresce
Post 21 Jul 2020, 23:34 • #5 
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Blue, pink, chartreuse....if not tying a “natural”, at a minimum all attractor patterns have a hotspot of these colors.

(I’ve leaned to tie these with a much shorter tail)

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