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Hi all, Im new to the forum and new to collecting fiberglass rods. I love vintage just about everything. I have recently decided to pursue collecting vintage fiberglass fly and spinning rods. Some of these rods may have issues that should or could be taken care of for the beauty, preservation, and functionality of the rod. I have been collecting mostly from vintage and thrift stores but some from Private individuals and Ebay. I dont have any understanding of how these older rods were put together, or the types of materials that were used and how. I have a great interest in learning and applying such knowledge.
Any books explaining the types of thread, epoxy, and coating to use or how to remove, repair, reinstall or replace damaged ferrules or eyes. And how the handle assemblies are constructed and how to facilitate reel mounting hardware and or cork replacement. I would appreciate any books or documentation that anyone could guide me toward. Thanks, Canton

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If you use the search function (upper right of the page) you'll find more than a book's worth on any of those topics right here. That said, you'll discover a lot of good references, Dale Clemons. Fiberglass Rodmaking, being one of the old mainstays. Also, graphite rods (both 'glass and graphite rods are tubular composites manufactured in a similar way) are assembled with components and fittings more or less the same way as fiberglass rods. Tus, many resources on line at component suppliers, or books that focus on graphite rod building, will have useful information, with most differences involving materials that weren't available or in widespread use in the fiberglass era.

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