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Guide wraps
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Hey guys. Probably been answered before. What’s the best quick fix/easy way to epoxy some guide wraps? My father in law just found a old eagle claw 7.5 footer and an old actionrod in his basement. They are mint really but the thread seems suspect and would want them covered before I take them fishing. Any thoughts?

Re: Guide wraps
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Those are older rods. They were probably varnished, not epoxied. Varnish is much easier to deal with.

Clean the wraps gently with mineral spirits. Get a small can of spar varnish at your local hardware emporium. Apply a couple of very thin coats of varnish. Let each coat dry at least a day before applying another coat. Apply enough varnish that you like the results. Clean your brushes with mineral spirits.


Re: Guide wraps
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Another product that will work very well for this is Varathane Diamond finish.It is water soluble until it dries ,goes on thin and is a hard protective finish when done.It is a polymer finish.

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