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Tightening a Martin 65
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Apologies if this has been covered but my search on the forum didn’t turn up anything. I’ve been using Martin fly reels for several years, but I’ve always used a 61, 62 or 63. I recently picked up a 65 and the problem I am having is when I strip line off even fairly slowly the reel does but I can only describe as backlashing ala a baitcaster. Is there anyway to tighten up the reel spool so that the line comes off a little bit slower and doesn’t wrap over itself and tangle? Thanks.

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M65 is a caliper clicker, reversible, with a small copper spring pretty much equal in wind and pay.
(this is M68 multiplier, but same-same)


You can gain a little bit with a set of wire loop bending pliers (micromark)

Decide the spring leaf that loads pay resistance, and work a series of small bends by simply squeezing the pliers in place.
You can work as many as 20 spots up and down the spring leaf.

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