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Some recent acquisitions
Post 04 Jul 2020, 16:51 • #1 
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A Shakespeare Wonder reel, another Hardy clone, a Martin 65 and a Shakespeare Noris Beaulite with a narrow spool. I know the Wonder reel was the topic of a post a fair while back and they were popular in NZ I think. The Hardy Clone has a matt finish and is branded Whickam. The Martin is basic and a very similar design to the Wonder Reel. The Beaulite is in good order with a case and I think the narrow spool is rare? All these reels are now in use again or for the first time and have added a bit of variety to my modest but growing collection .

Post 05 Jul 2020, 19:17 • #2 
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nice reels, but the Olympic/Seiko/Daiwa really stands out

Post 08 Jul 2020, 06:52 • #3 
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Very nice!

Post 13 Jul 2020, 12:14 • #4 
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the 2530 was my first fly reel, 1977 or so..
I wore it out, the pawl is still mostly ok but the teeth on the gear wheel are worn to nubs..
don't love it ;-)

the Beaulite is a fine reel, and I like bulldog, think those Hardy clones made by Daiwa etc can actually be pretty fine reels too.. that's a handsome example you have.
Lost my last Wickham's Fancy on a WY reservoir a year or so back, reminds me I need to tie some more..

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