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Post 05 May 2023, 06:29 • #1 
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I've added another model to my Ondawa series of Uni S2 Glass:

The 6'-9" 3pc 3wt is a medium taper best suited when fishing the "blue line" tribs, whether it is with small dries, dry/dropper rigs or small streamers. This model is wonderful at ranges out to 30-40 feet. It will reach out further, but when fishing the "blue lines" all that matters is accuracy. A DT 3 line is recommended, and standard weight WF 4 will also load it up well.

For more information and pricing check out my website. Below are a few pictures of my demo:
This build was outfitted with a Lemke LC-2 in Bright Nickel, English Walnut Burl insert, Modified Western Grip, Struble Agate, Snake Brand Guides, wrapped with Gudebrod Garnet and NCP Pro Wrap Burgundy trim.

Thanks for checking it out!

Post 05 May 2023, 08:29 • #2 
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Sounds like a nice addition to the series Bill! Top notch finish work as always.

Post 05 May 2023, 09:43 • #3 
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Beautiful looking rod. Good luck with the new rod!

Post 05 May 2023, 09:57 • #4 
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Looks great and I wish you luck with your new series.

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