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Post 11 Aug 2021, 15:55 • #1 
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Article on fly rod builder Bob Hallowell. Bob's a heck of nice guy and a fantastic builder of fly rods who posts here. He works in all mediums and I've cast all of them, all outstanding btw.

Post 11 Aug 2021, 16:41 • #2 
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I moved this here from Glass Tech because while Bob is a rod builder (and forum member), the article is about his cane rods. Bob does use a 'glass' ferrule on his cane rods, but there is no explanation of how they are made or fitted (Bob, this is an interesting idea!). I didn't realize Bob made cane rods also.


Post 11 Aug 2021, 19:04 • #3 
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Bob is a great guy, rod builder & tinkerer.

I met him at Aurelio's clave in 2016. That's Bob on the far right

Mike (MBJRL), Greg (WestTex), Troy (t.m.i.m.i.t.w. or Dave060), Tim, Craig (craigc), Bob (BobHa)

Here is a rod Bob built out on a Riffle blank..

Post 11 Aug 2021, 20:09 • #4 
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Very nice article. I met Bob back when we had a Battenkill clave, he had a couple of his Cane rods, his own tapers, with him, while they looked awesome, they did cast very well. He has skills!

Post 13 Aug 2021, 10:39 • #5 
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Greg nice cutt.Bob was just here with his wife a couple of weeks ago still waiting to here how he did near Salida.Got to cast his wife’s 4wt.just a beautiful rod and I love his handles........Aurelio

Post 13 Aug 2021, 21:44 • #6 
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Thank you very much guys. Aurellio we are traveling on are way back to PA right now. I will call you next week. Found a nice trib on the Arkansas.

As for the ferrules, I use e-glass prepreg dyed and wrapped arounded the male. Baked at 250 then tapered on the metal lathe. For the female I use a section of blank Mike M makes for me that fits the male. I then glue it to the blank. After dry I wrap prepreg over the female glass and overlap onto the blank and bake. This is a process I came up with.


Post 14 Aug 2021, 19:25 • #7 
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Enjoyed hearing about your process for the fiberglass ferrules for your bamboo fly rods. You and Mario Wojnicki seem to be the only ones or at least the leading makers using fiberglass ferrules in this manner. Not sure if Mr. Wojnicki uses the same process as you do but either way it is an interesting innovation.

Post 15 Aug 2021, 07:02 • #8 
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Interesting process. Thanks for sharing. I’d like to fish one of these one day, Bob!

Post 18 Aug 2021, 11:03 • #9 
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I got a chance to cast one of Bob's cane rods that he brought out to Dusty's clave in ********* a few years ago. The rod was one of my favs at that gathering but even more important was spending some time with Bob... he is a hell of a nice guy.

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