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Post 13 Nov 2020, 10:27 • #1 
Glass Fanatic
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Location: Michigan
Danny of Crooked Creek Holler recently opened his NEW Brick and Mortar shop in Ashville, NC and he is stocking fiberglass rods! If you are in the area or even a few hours away it might be cool to check it out. He is stocking rods from 0wt to 8wt with a few glass spinning rods as well, along with a bunch of other cool stuff.

He does not have the rods listed on the website yet, but he is happy to help if you email or call until the rods are listed.

I built close to a dozen rods for his shop with another half dozen or so to be arriving soon, there are some of the nicest Steffen rods I've ever built in stock at the shop, along with 0wt up to 8wt glass rods, and one Liger along with a couple glass spinning rods.

Post 13 Nov 2020, 15:50 • #2 
Glass Fanatic
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Location: USA-CO
Wow -- this is a shop getting off to a great start, with fiberglass rods for the discerning oddball! ;-)

The rods look terrific. Here's wishing him the very best of success, and you in building many more rods for him.

Post 13 Nov 2020, 20:39 • #3 
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Location: Georgia
Thanks for the heads up. I was in Asheville just two weeks ago. Wish I would have known Crooked Creek Holler was open with glass rods in stock. Asheville is the perfect town for the shop - fishy water in all directions and good beers are easily found.

Post 06 Jan 2021, 19:09 • #4 
Joined: 12/19/18
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Location: Asheville, NC
I, too, can attest that the Crooked Creek Holler store is quite awesome. It's one of the best boutique stores I've ever been in. The arsenal of Graywolf rods is impressive and you'll have to force yourself to walk out empty-handed. Definitely pay them a visit if you're in the area. You won't be disappointed!

Post 23 Jan 2021, 16:51 • #5 
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Location: Bozeman, MT
Excellent! Typically I get to my condo in Stallings, N. C. and fish in the Pisgah N.F. as well as the GSNG in the spring. I would have really enjoyed a stop in the new shop on the way there. But that said, until this issue with Covid is done I won't be down there until spring 2022. Best of luck to them.

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