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Struble D27 & U27
Post 21 Jul 2020, 17:14 • #1 
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Spent the last few days with the previous owner of Struble, Jeff Pentecost, learning the agate guide craft...It's one of those activities that turns from euphoric to indescribably maddening in a nanosecond. We should be able to meet our 9/1 goal, however.

But, I thought I'd let everyone know Jeff brought some components he found in his garage and they turned out to be a mix of double-top-secret reel seat ideas and D27 & U27 hardware machined about 10 years ago.

So, I've got the 27's up on the website now: Hardware & Insert for $40.98. Hardware alone: $28.99.

If interested, they're at

We should be having some reel seat news ourselves in the next couple weeks or so as we're planning to bring back a couple Struble classics and add a wrinkle or two...So far, our talks with our machinist have left us very excited.



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