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Post 12 Dec 2010, 04:15 • #1 
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Just a heads up as we continue to move forward with re-energizing Wanigas.come January 2011 we will start to have available Wanigas Deluxe fiberglass rods. Go to our web site to see the current models. As soon as we have them in our hands we will post pictures. We are excited about this re-introduction. ***email address removed***

[Edit: I moved this topic to What's New on the Market because it is announcing a new product line. Tom]

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Post 12 Dec 2010, 06:09 • #2 
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Great news!

Who's wrapping them and on what blanks?

Can't wait for the pics. How are they appointed?

Post 13 Dec 2010, 21:08 • #3 
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Welcome to the Fiberglass Flyrodders! Please tell us more about your new product line and re-energizing of Wanigas. Curious minds wish to know!


Post 14 Dec 2010, 12:42 • #4 
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Wanigas Rod Company: Will your rods still be made in Saginaw? Please post photos whan available.

Post 15 Dec 2010, 05:12 • #5 
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Hey all, thanks for the interest and questions. The Wanigas fiberglass, bamboo and graphite rods have always been built off of blanks mostly supplied by numerous quality US sources. The actual build out of the finish rod was done by various individuals and then sold/shipped from the Saginaw address. Not all the original Wanigas rods were made in Saginaw, since the outsourcing of work went to several locations in Michigan. We continue the tradition of using the finest quality US made blanks by a noted producer working in the new idiom of using unidirectional laid up S-glass, with professional Michigan makers finishing out the rods. A formal and more detailed press release with photos will be posted as soon as the completed rods are in our hands. Our early announcement was to answer an inquiry made early in the year about , if Wanigas was going to bring back their quality fiberglass rods? The answer is, yes! Hope to have the release ready in early January and rods at the Somerset, New Jersey show. Thanks again, ***email address removed***

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