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What's New on the Market is for commercial members to present new products and/or services. Any member who sells goods and/or services into the recreational fishing market may be considered a commercial member (contact jgestar to get your member status changed). This includes, but is not limited to, commercial equipment manufacturers, fly tiers, mail order companies, and most especially fiberglass rod builders. Only commercial members and administrators may start a thread here. All members may add replies to the threads. Please understand, What's New on the Market is not for product reviews and comparisons. Other forum areas are more relevant.

The hope is new fiberglass rod projects will be announced at The Manifesto and here first (or at least very early). Announcements here provide the rod builder an opportunity for in depth discussions. Members will have an opportunity to ask questions relevant to the project and to keep abreast of the current market. These discussions should be useful for everyone.


The discussions must stay on the topic of the initial post and not wander off to the merits or weaknesses of other products. All posts are expected to show courtesy and decorum. For this concept to work, the discussions should be productive, not combative. If you wouldn't buy a given product that's fine - everyone's tastes and opinions differ. However, please don't post simply to say you would never buy it.


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