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Phillipson Mity-Lite
Post 15 Nov 2021, 13:25 • #1 
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wasn't actually looking for one, but it popped up in my ebay notifications. For $10 I could not resist..
Just like every other Phillipson I've cast, it is surprisingly light and modern in feel, a pleasure to cast and fish.
No fish today, extending the streak of skunks to 5, but a good time playing with my new toy anyway.
Need to try a couple of other reels on it, for now the Zebco PS2 makes for a very lightweight outfit.

the lure here is a desperation play, a bit of scented plastic that looks and smells like a worm. Still no go. The line guides fit into the minimalist aesthetic of the whole rod, with its wraps that disappear into the glass, short cork handle and that perfect Phillipson reel seat.

Re: Phillipson Mity-Lite
Post 16 Nov 2021, 22:02 • #2 
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Great Deal!

Re: Phillipson Mity-Lite
Post 17 Nov 2021, 20:42 • #3 
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Nice find,i see some of the Phillipson spinning and casting rods NOT flying under the radar.In my area some of the older guys mention Phillipson rods but not fly rods.They say they were the best back in the day.All i remember is GCs and Mitchells.I scored a 7' FS Fenwick with foulproof guides,long handle and 2 fly rods,all 3 for 5.00.The cork is mostly gone on the fenwick but the reel seat blank and guides are in good shape.The guy said they were in an attic,he cleans out estates.He said there was a lot more up there but the raccoons scared him away.Something gnawed most of the cork off the fore grip and long handle but not the blank.The Sears fly rod has not a scratch.

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