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Fenwick SP61 and panfish
Post 09 Jun 2021, 22:25 • #1 
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The rod just arrived on my doorstep this morning. Just got back from vacation with the family and needed to spend some time by myself.

Caught most of them on a Rio Getter under a Trout Slayer bobber. A few were taken on a Hellgrammite jig I tied.

Some of you already know - this rod is only 3 ounces. 1-4 lbs., 1/15-14 oz lure.

Don’t let the images fool you, the wraps are the grayish-brown baby poop. Love the rod though.

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Post 10 Jun 2021, 00:39 • #2 
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Nice gills. Congrats on the new rod.

Post 10 Jun 2021, 07:32 • #3 
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Great outing - that second photo should be presented in [rimg]

yeah, like that. :hat

Post 23 Jun 2021, 19:53 • #4 
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Wow! Beautiful, beautiful rod.

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