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Glass Fanatic
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Location: urban Colorado
liked my first Phillipson flyrod so much, decided I really needed one for spinning..

first one that fell into my price range was this Chieftain TC64 in really nice shape, cork is perfect and scarcely marked. That's most unusual in these old sliding-ring handles. All the others I have are torn up badly enough to give me indecision on what to do with them.

It's rated 'lures up to 3/8 oz'. It will throw 1g forty feet, and 2g clean across the river. For a glass rod from the 50s it has a surprisingly quick action and modern feel.

Spent three hours on the river early Saturday morning to finally dredge up one fish. Luckily it was worth waiting for, fat strong 17" sm. He took one of those 1g lures, a Carey Special tied on a 1/32oz jighead.

These bass are scarce, rare and seldom seen. On the plus side every one I've seen has been in the pink, small heads and deep strong bodies.

Sun after yardwork and assorted chores, went to look for prespawn largemouth.

The orange float is there in case the good ship Beerbellyboat founders with all hands, in which case the search&rescue can find the float and dredge me up without too much searching. Actually it's a Lowrance portable sonar. It works mostly, except that it uses a phone app for display. The app is written primarily as a social networking app, to share locations and times of your catches. Apparently Lowrance management has never gone fishing.

In any case the sonar and I were unanimous today, no fish here. I worry about these ponds after this last crowded outdoor year. They are not a long walk and entirely surrounded by suburban Denver. Nonetheless there were elk tracks around the pond, a mother and calf. A friend was up running in the foothills shown in the photo, found fresh bear tracks. As the Montana Fish and Wildlife said recently, “If there are enough people out there, it’s hard for a bear to avoid people all day long".

That's a size 13 shoe..

No fish, but at least I got to watch the moonrise. The consolations of philosophy had to be enough for tonight.

The rod is a delight though, hope to get it more exercise.

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Master Guide
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That’s good stuff right there Doug
Your chief is classy as your fenny spin fly and your rad canoe.
Sounds like your earned that Smallie..
Pounding water for hours to get one super nice fish is what keeps me coming back for more.
Not a bad way to kick off that rods new story.
I just picked this Philly spinning rod.
The Scout TS 70L lures to 1/4 ounce .
Mines missing the butt cap and the slide rings .
I’m gonna have it rebuilt as a spin/fly rod with the Foulproof style guides and the new Tennessee handles from proof fly fishing

The blank is immaculate and has great light action.
Phillipsons are like potato chips
You can’t just have one or two
You’ll need a “handful “
Tight lines Chief..
The scout is out...

Post 29 Apr 2021, 20:41 • #3 
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Beautiful rod and a great name!

Post 30 Apr 2021, 07:05 • #4 
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After having bought and cast a phillipson fly rod I can only imagine that the spinning rods
are great.

Post 30 Apr 2021, 12:43 • #5 
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Lucky has a near-mint MS66 ML that I sold him. If I had a niche for it, would still have it.
Had too many there, couldn't pass up the Conolon and H-I Star, and added Harnell.
Great rod, fast for glass and good power

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