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I have some more lure examples specific for our annual winter Arroyo dock fishing trips, and fresh camera tinkering.

Showing Susie's big spec again, mostly because you see the dock flood light in the water. And a second photo of Lou, which shows him fishing the "dark alley" between our dock light and the next dock light. Going the other way is another dock light, and one side of the barge channel is lined with houses and dock lights.

Stealth is really important here, because dock noise or even casting your profile off the dock will send the schoolie fish off to the next light.
So we spend a lot of time sitting and watching for fish sign.
If you hit the fall just right, the bait is finger mullet, and 3" swim shad will catch all the fish you want.
All through the winter, the bait is balls of minuscule glass minnows, and that's what we're imitating.

You look at the structure of the light as being a bowl containing the bait. Big fish come out of the dark to sip tiny bait. The specs from the channel, and the snook from dock piles. Fishing deeper, you'll bring up a few redfish, mangrove snapper - we've yet to find a flounder, but they seem like a good bet.

You catch the most and biggest fish by good, slow imitation of the tiny bait along the perimeter of the bowl. Having the ability to fish the edge of the next dock light is also productive - also fish out of that light into the dark alley along the dock piles.

These are all metal lures, The biggest is 55 mm rolling bait, 8 g - casts like a bullet, prospects deep on retrieve - the clear lip is on top, about it's shoulders. While it's caught a few fish, what's most useful is patrolling the edge of the deep bowl to get 4 or 5 light strikes that let you know schoolies are there.
All the metal jigs are 3 g. All except the blue have glow patterns, which I show in the second photo.

Even without glow, you may see why blue is such a good night color - it reflects low light well, and the wavelength is penetrating.
Pink is specific for transmitted light - the guts and blood of translucent bait.

@Odonata - Soare and Vanford 500 are the same reel, Ci4+ locomotive drive, with different cosmetics, and the differences you noted.

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