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I don't do a whole lot of spin fishing (except at the beach). I typically use small (1/12 oz) Kastmasters in gold or chrome/blue for high lakes. I remove the treble hook, add another split ring (Spro stainless #2), and replace with a #12 Raven specialist hook, crushing the barb.

Have to try those Z-rays, have read quite the glowing reports elsewhere. I also have a few Thomas buoyants spoons in red/gold that supposedly are good.

I've played around with Panther Martins and Super Dupers a bit. I always remove the trebles and replace the hooks. For larger lures I use Gamakatsu siwash hooks, usually in #8 or 10.

A box of lures gets heavy though, so on a backpacking trip I try to strip it down to the essentials, which usually just boils down to a few kastmasters and such in a micro tackle Plano box.

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bulldog1935 wrote:
more lure tinkering

Years ago (ok, it was more than a couple of decades) had success fishing this strange-looking rig drift-fishing the Pasture at S. Padre.

The cigar cork clicks when you snap it. The shrimp tail doubles over, just like an evading, kicking shrimp. It settles down head-first, just like a shrimp swimming with its legs.

Stazo flex jigs haven't been made since the '90s - I stocked up with a few back then. Josh (neumie) came through for me with a couple of 1/8 oz (the photo above with the 4" shrimp tail is 1/4 oz)

We have our favorite Arroyo City house and lighted dock reserved for four nights around the December new moon.
Maybe finger mullet, a few poecilids, the water should be black with tiny glass minnows, tiny shrimp - oh yeah, schoolie seatrout, redfish, and snook.
In the past, we've had great success fishing tiny live shrimp on a 4' leader below the 3" clicking cigar cork - and changing up with anything to imitate the glass minnows.

Japan shopping, I found these gorgeous Okiami (krill) lures made by Nikko.

Here's a glow Okiami rigged with the 1/8 oz Stazo, and a No. 7 Gami SH treble was the smallest that seemed to rig properly.

More Japan perusing found these Keake F-change head in 3 g down to sub-g weights.

I'll probably rig the single hook forward to keep the abdomen stiff and head-first lure settling, and clip the stinger hooks for fish velcro.

ok, this worked great

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