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I've done a couple of ultralight rods from fiberglass blanks and i've used the microlite guides (with their given spacings) and i've tried the new guide concept. I really like that concept, but i wonder, since the layout is built around a specific reel, if it would be better to use the 'cone of flight' layout if I was eager to swap my reels around.

I guess the answer is, that all guide layout concept will fit a specific reel the best and that the differances wont be remarkable.

Since all my rods are made with tennessee handles i guess there is easy to just move the reel to optimize it to the rod.

(If this topic is not understandable I blame it on my limited skills in the english language.)

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Here's the layout on my long 8'3" UL rod - seems to cast wonderfully with the 3 small spinning K guides (1st = 16 mm), 2 intermediate running guides, and 4 micro running guides plus tiptop.
Four rods I have in this configuration cast great regardless of spool diameter, and with both small braid and much thicker copolymer up to 6-lb.
But it is a long reach to that first K guide

I didn't get a photo long enough (just below has spherical aberration) - the middle K guide is still not shown below

The first two rods I got in this configuration ten years ago, 7'6" and 7'9", have 2 even smaller K guides (first = 12 mm), 2 intermediate running and 4 micro, and work equally well with a range of spool diameters and with thicker yo-zuri copolymer that exceeds the rod line rating (6-lb v. 4-lb).

This is a 500 size reel, but also fish the rod with a 2000-size reel, and it casts better, even with those tiny guides - simply the advantage of the larger/longer spool, and nothing to do with the ratio of the spool diameter (40 mm) to the tiny guide (12 mm).

Consider these to be the UL version of surf rods - they are all about casting distance.

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In general, modern guide diameters are moving down.
I think braid has a lot to do with it, but this expensive 7'2" glass St. Croix Legend MM, made for 3000-size reels, has the first K-guide not much bigger (20 mm) than on the Yamaga blanks UL I posted first. The smallest running guides on this rod match the intermediates on the UL above.
Four K-guides to tiny, 5 small running guides.
It casts 12-lb fluoro very well, including lure weights below the rod min rating.

And I remember my first inshore rod, Berkley TriSport, giant stainless loop guides. The first two guides were both larger diameter than the spool on the Mitchell 300 I matched with it.
It would cast to mackerel off the jetties with 17-lb Stren.
The 2-pc glass 7' TriSport with metal spigot was more than twice the weight of the S-glass St. Croix just above.
They actually cast very much alike, as I can remember that far, and have to give some of the credit for the weight difference to the design of modern spinning guides.

Here's the older idea, where the first loop guide is about the same diameter as the spool.
I don't know that this makes a difference. I've seen my buddy fish with his spinning reel on a Lami casting rod because that was the long rod he had with him - with casting rod guides - the combo cast well-enough, it made me question any cone of flight theory - the line isn't pushing through the guides, it's being pulled through.

I measured one more. My 7' offshore E-glass, made for up to 6000-size reel, has Fuji HNOG Concept guide set, with 6 k-guides + tip-top. .
24 mm, 12 mm, 10 mm, and the 3 upper guides are 8 mm.

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guldhamstern wrote:
I guess the answer is, that all guide layout concept will fit a specific reel the best and that the differances wont be remarkable.

that's been my experience - fished the same Zebco reel on 3 different rods, one even older than me Wonderod, a Fenwick spin/fly with the light wire guides, and a new Shimano with the new guide concept.
This is using 10lb Spiderwire braid. I couldn't find any difference in casting distance..
Have a new Daiwa Revros with 4lb mono, going to try that next.

the guides on that Wonderod are grooved. I'm going to replace them with the Mud Hole spinning guide set, which is a copy of the K-style Fuji guides, and see..

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