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Abu Ambassadeur 5000D
Post 03 Oct 2008, 05:53 • #1 
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Bulldog wanted a new thread so I'll share some pictures of an Abu Ambassadeur 5000D Baitcaster I picked up at a pawn shop this summer. See this post for that good news/ bad news story :
Anyway, it's model 5000D, the "D" stands for direct drive. There is a drag control, but like a fly reel, the handle will turn backwards when the line is stripped.
I emailed Garcia with the serial # and they told me these reels were produced between 1974 and 1977. They also sent me a schematic for the reel and a PDF file of a catalog listing for this model. This was less than 3 hours after I contacted them! Great customer service. I'd like to link or post the PDF, but I don't know how to.
I've read alot about these reels (Abu's in general) in magazines and online and I've never heard a bad word said about them. Guess I got a good one.
I cleaned and lubed it, filled it up with line and it's ready to fish. I have zero experience with bait casters, so I lawn casted it before the only time I fished it (skunked). I thought I got strange looks lawn casting a fly rod, boy they really look at ya wierd when you're out chucking a baitcasting rig in the yard.
Again, I love green.
Thanks for looking, Tom.

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Abu Ambassadeur 5000D
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My back yard is an acre, and I think all the neighbors driving by expect to see me in the back yard casting something.
Like their fly rods, Silaflex is a very good buy in bait casting rods.
I've got some more photos to take ...

Great reel - thanks for sharing.

Abu Ambassadeur 5000D
Post 03 Oct 2008, 06:09 • #3 
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You did get a great reel. I collect them or should say I have four or five of the D models, or 5 of the C (BlaCK mODEL) and 8-10 of the Red model with 4 screws. Also have half a dozen leather cases that I have put some of the reels in with some tool kits (wrench and oil). I don't pay over 40 for them and have seen them on eBay for up to 200 bucks. They are collectables. I used to used them for trolling but now use 6000 or 6500's. Great for getting the big trout that are down deep. I only tried bait casting a couple times and after hours of undoing birdsnests, I gave it up. Just not coordinated enough.
Jim the deserttrout

Abu Ambassadeur 5000D
Post 03 Oct 2008, 07:12 • #4 
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I've caught many a big largemouth years ago with that reel. As to lawn casting, my neighbors too have seen me out there in the yard in all seasons (a few times with snow on the ground!) casting with fly rods and spinning rods. I've even matched the hatch a time or two on the summer lawn and tied on little size 22 gnat flies. So far I haven't caught anything but I'm hopeful someday a big brown will stir the surface of my lawn and boil up through the grass and devour one of those little gnats or maybe a nice bass will destroy one one my rooster tails cast out from my Airex rod. If one ever does I'll be sure to post some photos so let's keep lawn casting when we can't get out on the water. Thanks for the photos, that reel is a beauty! Image


Abu Ambassadeur 5000D
Post 03 Oct 2008, 15:22 • #5 
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I always get a sick feeling when I hear about an Ambassadeur reel. My uncle had a prized one he kept in the bottom of one of those metal many-tiered tackle boxes they had back in the 50's. I can still see that gleaming red reel in its brown leather case. Well, long story short, I could not resist that tackle box and one day absentmindedly left it behind my uncle's car, a big Hudson, which completely flattened it when my uncle backed up to leave our house. That was a very bad year.

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