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I like a bow, it has always seemed to me that the longer the spring the more uniform the output. Short springs load and unload fast and with a sharper curve.
It's been 40+ years since I read this book the first time, I had forgotten reading it, until it begin to sound so familiar. I recalled his bottle exercises specifically,
I thought it amusing that Ritz said this "parabolic" thing was just a figure of speech. I believe your descriptions of actions are as clear and accurate as any I've read, But because of ambiguous terms such as this there will always be some differing interpretations.
He does leave a lot of things unsaid, as much textbook stuff as he puts in, the book is more of a memoir. Still a good read.

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The thing is, that bow unloads in a narrow time window, and if you're not on timing, your cast collapses, making the para taper less forgiving. This is why I always say para rewards good timing, and short, smooth arm movements + haul.

As I've also tried to describe, functioning rod tapers mix elements of both para and progressive, especially in the tip.

I will maintain the best definition of progressive v. para is the moving band of working energy in progressive taper, v. the increasing working rod length in the para.
And all working rods blend the elements of both tapers. Right in the middle, you get that swooping wet-fly taper. The most powerful rod I've ever fished (not counting RPLX/TCR) is 8' Heddon 1-3/4f, and it's a wet fly taper even with its slightly flared butt. The RPLX, I cast consistently 140' one day fishing the surf.

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