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The Glass Tech forum
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This forum is centered around technical discussions of fiberglass fly rods. Subjects such as recommended line weights, reels, reviews, evaluations, and other topics intended to get the most use out of fiberglass fly rods.


The Glass Tech forum
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Hello - I found a New FF867 in a house I purchased - Is this a good fiberglass fly rod. "L" series - 8.5' #7 Line w/red nylon sleeve and brown case with FF867 on top of lid?

Re: The Glass Tech forum
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Yep, I have had that same rod for about 40 years. It was one of the first fly rod I purchased from K-mart many years ago. I have caught a lot of trout on it. Back then, a 7 wt rod was considered as an "all around" rod and the normal size for trout. I have slowly, over the last 40 some odd years gone to lighter and lighter rods, currently fishing 4 wt glass and bamboo mostly. However, I have used this rod for bass a lot and it does a good job. I used a DT7 Scientific Anglers line on it and was pleased with the performance.

Re: The Glass Tech forum
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My feeling is that it is the taper that matters most. I'm not going to pick one over another, but one can argue E glass v. S glass, painted v. unpainted, and ultimately it is the rod maker's skill that will determine how well a rod casts, regardless what of the three major materials or combination thereof the rod blank is constructed from.

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