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Fenwick ff's
Post 24 Oct 2022, 16:14 • #1 
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I have to admit, I tried several in the past that didn't impress me and that tainted the whole lot for while...until recently. This year an ff60 5wt, and ff84 and an ff855 found their way into my quiver, and happily, changed my mind on Fenwicks. Of the three the ff855 really stands out as a rod that can do it all. This 5wt on par with CTS, ********* and what not for a good 8'6" 5wt. The full cork down locking reel seat is a real nice way to deck it out. I did a search on here and on the auction site, I can see why they don't come up to often. Next to impress is the ff84. This one does get a lot of positive mention on the site, so when one came up I thought I'd give it a try. They seem to hold resale value so why not. Glad I did. Most comments mention that it is a 5wt. Sure, but I liked it better with a 6wt. I wonder if any other fan of the ff84 feels the same way. This is a full flexing Fenwick, a very different creature from the other two. I had a chance to fish it this summer with large Stimulators. I was looking for a rod to fill that role and I'm glad i found the ff84. I just wish the blank on this one was a glow stick. The first of the three that I picked up was the ff60. Researching it, I saw that the ff60 is a softer rod then the ff605, and this one was marked as a 5wt, not a 5/6. Of the small stream rods being offered in the later 60's/early 70's this is one a little jewel, a capable 6' fly rod and nicely appointed. Much more softer then my 6'3" Sceptre and 7' Fibailite. A glow-stick with a duel slide band reel seat. It was this ff60 that got me interested in trying more Fenwicks again.

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Re: Fenwick ff's
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I love the ff84, it’s my favorite of the 2 digit Fenwicks. I own to many Fenwicks, and it is very different than any others that I’ve tried, so smooth…
For the most part, I like the 3 digit rods better, the ff805 is a favorite for shallow water and the ff806 is great for weighted nymphs in deeper water.

Re: Fenwick ff's
Post 27 Oct 2022, 18:13 • #3 
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I also had a change of heart on one ff in particular. I have always loved my ff755,but before it I bought a ff806 never warmed up to it. After several years tryed it again now I get it !!!

Re: Fenwick ff's
Post 30 Oct 2022, 16:08 • #4 
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The FF805 and FF855 are fantastic rods. I have sold mine off because while they are nice, a modern 8ft or 8'6" 5wt in 3 or 4pc is usually better. The FF84 is a bit softer, has the golden tone of the glow stick and has more character in my eyes. Thus I kept it.

Maybe I will change my mind again. Its been known to happen. I did have to buy an FF755 again after selling one off. That rod is magic and nicer than my FF75's for the normal fishing I do, where a 5wt is better than a 6wt.

Re: Fenwick ff's
Post 30 Oct 2022, 20:24 • #5 
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Well, they are only Fenwicks. All production rods with production rod character. I like my FF80. I almost like my FF75. The three digit rods I've used were just fly rods.

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