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I am posting the pictures of this rod because I know when I have an opportunity to add a new rod to my collection it is always helpful to check here on the forum to see what pictures there are of it. It is really nice to be able to look at pictures of factory original rods and compare them to the rod you are thinking about getting.
Also it would be helpful if anyone has any fishing time with it, what line weight did you use, and do you like the rod? Please correct or add to whatever info is provided here.
Hopefully this is a good idea to add some more pictures and info to what is already here on the forum about this rod.

Heddon Pal 8457 Mark IV / 8wt / 8ft 6in / 5.2oz / Allen Reel Seat / Walnut Trim Grip / 10 Guides + Tip / Bass-Steelhead
Made from 1965-68 with catalogs showing it as their Top of the Line fly rod.

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Congrats…a beautifully appointed rod and a set in wonderful condition.


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NetMan---Congratulations on a beautiful classy rod. I do not have that rod, but I have it's smaller brother a "8453" --a 71/2' 6 wt., which is a good casting rod. IMHO, rods of this era cast well with DT. lines. Hope the rod works well for you.

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That's a beauty.

I have that rod, mine re-wrapped and is 1" short, and is a good 8/9wt, about ten years ago it was my go-to pike rod, till I found another fav rod, and another, and another, and...............

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