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I acquired this blank from Myron Gregory, back in the 80's. It was the best, in those days.
Wondering if it is rare, or of interest and value.


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I remember, a few years back, a similar Fenwick 12 weight. It was a brown blank, being offered for sale for $50 by one of the smaller rod building suppliers. I believe it eventually sold. You would have better luck checking with rod builders in areas where they fish for tarpon, or other large fish like salmon, stripers, etc. Being such a large heavy weight, it has only limited appeal compared to the lighter bass and trout blanks we usually see here.

Post 15 Jun 2021, 06:35 • #3 
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The rod collecting geek in me would love to get my hands on it, but I know I'd never use it.

I don't expect you will have any problem moving it. But if you do, get a hold of me ;)

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That would be a fun Tuna Tamer as well.

glass is a blast....even on big fishies

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