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Well I broke the tip on my Fenwick 79 so I thought this is a chance to get another rod...and its a chance to add to my Phillipson pile. Loss/Win/Win.

I found a Phillipson TC80 HDH on the auction site and it was represented to be in great shape with the exception of a missing stripper guide. So I made an offer and it was accepted and all is good with the world...until it arrived.

The rod is not in great shape. The cork has some kind of dried adhesive on it, the tip top is very rusted some of the guides are bent/mangled and it needs some TLC.

But the good news is that the seller and I came to an agreement concerning the condition and I live in the Denver Metro area so a trip Rick's Rods will have this rod ready to hit the water in no time at all.

I know it will not fish the same as the Fenwick...but a new to me Phillipson 8 foot 6wt...well I will find a way to make it work ;)

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First off....fix the Fenwick.

Next, I have a 8ft PowerKast, it is a great rod with a 7wt, I think you will love the Chief.

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Blood hound
The brief adhesive was from a sticker they put on Some of the old phillys
It would have had a price and some model or advertising info on it
I’ve seen a couple the stickers were green
I Took a look at that rod on the auction site but I have too many “project” rods already
(At least that’s what my wife says)
I have a Phillipson power kast in 7.6ft
It throws a 6wt For dries or 7wt For wets
People kinda pass over the early Phillipsons and think there not good rods since they aren’t Eponite ,ScotchPly ,or Epoxite
I personally think they are very cool
As a matter of fact I’ve got an early Phillipson S86 Coming in the mail.
People seem to forget that Bill Phillipson pioneered glass rods and built his tapers according to materials that were available to him at the time and still make kick a$$ rods that are still on the water some 70years later
That’s saying something
Just remember Its all about the taper
Looking forward to seeing your Chief getting bent.

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