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Fisher 9ft 9wts
Post 13 Apr 2021, 19:50 • #1 
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New here so a little about myself.

Many moons ago I took up fly fishing but also continued to spin fish. I dont primarily fish for trout but i do occasionally. I spend most my fishing days on large rivers or estuaries. I like shad, stripers, smallmouth, musky, carp etc.....
When the graphite craze hit i followed right in and dropped spin fishing too. I also dropped fly fishing with my 9' 9wt Fisher fly rod. It got tucked away in a tube forgotten.
Keep in mind i loved fishing with that rod, but the newer and lighter rods had an appeal.

Fast forward to about 5 years ago. Was lusting after some silly Hexagraph rod. Wanted something more traditional feeling for my river fishing.
When i felt how heavy that rod was I thought to myself, "Might as well break out the Fisher." Then i got a smile and did.

The thing is a cannon and amazingly a lot lighter than i remember. I fished the Fisher heavy for 4 more years until i had it stripped down and redone.
Outfitted it with larger guides and removable fighting butts.

This thing can chuck WF8F , DT8, WF9, DT9 (all outfitted with various iMow sink tips) , WF10 and DT10 with giant poppers or streamers very easily and effectively.

I have my suspicion it could toss WF7 intermediate and DT7 with sink tips comfortably too.

I have not looked back since.
This Rod is very versatile and a beast.
It handles blues and flounder well too.
Why did i ever stop using it!?!

Recently was thinking about getting another 9' Fisher. When i came across a 8'6" 8wt Fisher in mint i thought perfect!
It arrived yesterday.
However it is nothing like the 9' 9wt i own.
It is lighter. Way lighter. In fact i think it would make a great streamer rod for trout. Even a nice larger river dry fly rod. Considering making a removable fighting butt for it also.
I cant believe how light and delicate this 8wt is.
Beauty of a rod though.
Factory Fishers are classy.

Looks like i got an unexpected new toy and an excuse to fish new waters and have new adventures.

Still in the market for a 9' 9wt Fisher.
:) first world problems :)

Re: Fisher 9ft 9wts
Post 14 Apr 2021, 22:13 • #2 
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I had a scientific anglers system 9 (built by fisher) and it was a cannon. Moved it on to someone else, still regret that. I tried it with a Wulff ambush line and was quite amazed at what it would do overhead as well as single hand spey.
I really love the fisher glass and in the heavier weights, they are all I really like in vintage glass.

Re: Fisher 9ft 9wts
Post 15 Apr 2021, 05:45 • #3 
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Are you talking about the Fisher Original series? Great fly rods. I have the 9ft 9wt and love it too though I mostly fish 8wts these days. I had the 9ft 5wt didn't like that as much as the 8ft6in 5wt so I sold the 9 footer. The 5wt is a great rod too. I recently came across 3wt at the local fly shop and bought it. Nice rod. Think that one is from a later series though.

Re: Fisher 9ft 9wts
Post 15 Apr 2021, 06:51 • #4 
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The Original yes.

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