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Does anyone know whether the Hardy glass Smugglers (4 piece) from the late 1970’s came with ferrule stoppers? The rod bags I have seen don’t include these groovy little pockets for them...

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Most hardy rod bags do not have ferrule pockets. I think all hardy rods were delivered with stoppers. It's part of the luxury brand concept.

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My recollection is that Hardy had long ceased supplying the bags with stopper pockets by that time. Instead you were advised to tie the stoppers onto the bag tapes. Which worked fine for a 3-piece rod with two stoppers, and looked a little odd with a 4-piece rod!

The onlyJET/Fibalite that I ever had from new with a pocket of any sort was a 10-weight, where the pocket (closed with Velcro) was for the 4” butt extension.

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