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Re: Harnell 604
Post 18 Jul 2020, 11:19 • #26 
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Location: downtown Bulverde, Texas
Glorious morning, cooler and drier outside than in - a rare treat for s. Texas mid-July, but didn't last long.
Got out to Cibolo at 7:30 and home at 10a. When I hiked the ridge back to my truck it was already in the 90s - but dry.
The dinosaur tracks at the trailhead

I went the wrong way, heading first up the creek to fish back down.
The creek is way down, only a few cfs, and Herff Springs was dry.
The wide, deep log jams were tepid and horrible with hair algae.
That pinned my up-creek trek, and I stepped in to fish a few slow bowls.

Here was a spot where the rod shined, Long casts into tight overhang.

Chris, if fishing close is your goat, look for that Airflo in 6-wt - it's still a little fast with the 5 until you get some line out, and close roll-casting was not good, though it picked right up with 10' of line out.
Didn't even try the BPS 10-m DT5 - already knew it wasn't going to work.
Caught a few green sunfish, and not sure why my camera decided on a long exposure here - it was flashing everywhere else - oops

So I busted out and hiked way down past dry Herff Springs, to get to the flagstone runs at the bottom.
Here was where the rod was a joy - 40' roll casts, continuously into the structure on either bank - a little A-strain endemic bass followed it in once.
The flagstone was loaded with schools of fingerling endemic bass - it's just their parents weren't here.
This water fishes great at 15 cfs or more.

I should have begun here, because by the time I got here, the park was crowded.

At the very bottom, where a mesh fence blocks even casting, finally saw my quarry - 3 really nice endemic bass ran from the last flagstone shelf into the cover of No Trespassing.
It's OK, the guy who lives there donated a half-mile of creek, all the Boerne City Parks, and a 1500-acre wildlife preserve.
Here's what I was hoping to catch, A-strain endemic bass.
But it was a good outing with the rod, and that finishing stroll down the flagstone with long roll casts made my day, anyway.

Re: Harnell 604
Post 18 Jul 2020, 11:28 • #27 
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Glad you made it out...sounds like a nice don't see dinosaur tracks everyday...that's a pretty creek...I can see how it would fish a bit better with more water...

Sounds like the rod likes a 6wt for roll casting, including close in...I will likely need longer casts when roll casting and full back casting, sounds like the Airflo 6 will do both of those well...I will get it out on Rainbow Trout streams this fall where in some areas I can wade out a ways and in some areas I can't...should be perfect for that...

Thanks for the report and glad you had some fun playing with this unusual and unique rod. It's amazing you can get 80' casts of a five footer.


Re: Harnell 604
Post 19 Jul 2020, 17:00 • #28 
Joined: 08/10/05
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Location: downtown Bulverde, Texas
It's only 22 mi from my drive to Cibolo, and is the best fit nearby for this rod.
Other places where the little rod would shine are the Sabinal/Frio confluence, and the Guadalupe forks in Hunt, but either of those are a 100-mi drive and most fun when you can make an outing with a few friends, eat lunch at Hermann Son's Steakhouse in Hondo, or Mamacita's in Kerrville.
Normally, I would pick the water for the flow and weather, and the rod for the water - this was a case of picking the water for the rod.

I'll also add here that haul was very important on this rod - it was the only way to feel the rod load.
And the coast air came back in this morning, but it was still nice getting out on the bike at 73 degrees.

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