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Hello. I’m finding very little info on these two rods. Which were my uncles ..
Even though I’m an active angler.
A.. I really can’t use them
B. Finding little to no info on them
C they are in mint cond
So what I have is a fenwick 868gff hmg made in USA 8 wt. graphite
And a Shakespeare graflite 8 ft carbon filament ,, with a cork reel seat and sliding rrings .. almost makes it feel like a 3 wt. thin blank. What I find is it appears to be a 6 wt ????? Doesn’t seem possible. There is no aftma marking on it
Any idea of the value. Jim. Many thanks for any help.
Be more than glad to send pics. Just can’t upload to the site here.

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An early graphite probably does feel softer than a contemporary graphite 6 weight, especially if only 8 ft. Both are user graphites with little dollar value. In Maine, someone might want them as trolling rods.

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IF the Graflite has the original labeled tube and correct bag, AND is one of the early ones with the gray/white wraps, it could be a $100.
But it sounds like the writing and serial number is worn off, so that drops the price a lot. If the printing is worn off and it doesn’t have the bag and tube, $25 tops on a good day.

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