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Re: Current collections
Post 28 Aug 2021, 03:38 • #351 
Joined: 03/12/15
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Location: US-CT
the current quiver includes
Fenwick 76 for a 6 weight
Fenwick 70 for a 5/6 weight
new- Fenwick 764 for a 6 weight "Voyageur"

Cortland GRF 1000 8'6" for a 6/7 weight (3)
St Croix Imperial 9' for a 8/9 weight (1)
Cabelas Three Forks 7'6" for a 3 weight(3)
new- Orvis "AllRounder" 8'3" Green Mountain edition for a 7 weight (1)- on the hunt for another.

Spinning rods
Too many to count. LOL probably 15???
I saw a great bumper sticker the other day- ye who does with the most toys- is still dead.....
Enjoy. thanks for this post- lots of fun to read about everyone's collection.

Re: Current collections
Post 25 Sep 2022, 16:47 • #352 
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Location: Australia, Western Australia
Hi Guadalupe, Is there a decernable difference in the taper or feel of the Steffen 8' 5/6 and the 8'6" 5/6 steffen? Do you think they are completely diffferent blanks, or just an extended 8' blank? Thankyou. Davedog

Re: Current collections
Post 26 Sep 2022, 04:34 • #353 
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Location: Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
Need to add one rod to my July, 2020 #313 posting: Epic 476-4 Standard. No subtractions in the last two years.

Re: Current collections
Post 23 Dec 2022, 16:16 • #354 
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Location: Far Western 'burbs of Chicago
I'm definitely wired in the mold of: "buy, try, and move them along if I don't love 'em"

I have had a ton of enjoyment sampling a variety of rods over the last ~ 6 years. The new realties of shipping costs have slowed my roll, but that's OK as I'm getting more dialed in to what I like.

Fiberglass quiver:
Browning Silaflex 322970, 7' - 5 wt
Cortland FR-2000 1-625-1, 7' 6" - 5/6 wt
Phillipson Royal Wand RWF70C, 7' - 6 wt (tied for favorite)
Browning Silaflex 322975, 7' 6" - 6 wt (tied for favorite)
Browning Silaflex 322980, 8' - 6/7 wt

Graphite quiver:
Hardy Shadow Sintrix 220 - modern rods made in Korea with a wonderful medium fast action and nicely appointed.
Harris Sportsmail in the UK had them on blowout/clearance a few years back, amazing bang for the buck.
4 wt 8' 6"
6 wt 9' 0"
8 wt 9' 0"

On "probationary test period"
Cortland Pro-Crest 534, 7' - 6/7 wt
Orvis Golden Eagle, 8' HCF (7 wt)
Simply need more hours on the grip fishing/casting

Re: Current collections
Post 23 Dec 2022, 17:54 • #355 
Glass Fanatic
Joined: 09/05/07
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Location: West Virginia
McFarland "Spruce Creek" 5'6" #3 five-piece
Axisco Airrite Stream 7' #3 (sold to Corlay and bought back)
Scott F70 (For sentimental reasons will be the last rod standing)
Ijuin Imogi 7' #3 (A fun "sticky" rod to cast)
Barclay 70p (A "Hall of Fame" glass rod that must be cast to be appreciated.)
NCA "The Sons" 7'6" #3/4 (Very much a Japanese Leonard tribute rod in glass)
Hardy Perfection 7'6" #4 (One of the smoothest rods I have ever cast - deliciously slow.)
Kabuto 7'6" #4 (I love this rod! Kab must go to another planet to source his cork rings.)
Barclay Deluxe 7'8" #4 (Chris is not kidding when he says "Deluxe".)
Winston "Stalker" 8' #4 (Bought from Matt Leiderman - wonderful rod.)
Larry Kenney 813 (A "Hall of Fame" rod and one that folks will still covet in twenty years)
Leiderman/Steffen 8' #5/6 (What can I say? Just one of the best - blank and builder)
McFarland S-glass 8'8" #4 (One of the great fiberglass fly rod tapers by one of the greatest rod designers)

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Re: Current collections
Post 23 Dec 2022, 22:00 • #356 
Master Guide
Joined: 11/11/13
Posts: 766
Location: US-CA
Epic 580
T&T Lotec 7’10” 5 wt.
Liv Western 8’6” 5 wt.
NFC 580
Gray Wolf nomad 7’10” 5 wt.

Epic 476
NFC 476
Epic 370

NFC Gama Beta 590/4
NFC Classic 590/4
Rainshadow Revelation 386/4

I really enjoy my glass rods they are all wonderful.

Re: Current collections
Post 31 Dec 2022, 09:42 • #357 
Glass Fanatic
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Glass Fanatic
Joined: 10/18/12
Posts: 1660
Location: Bozeman, MT

"OK", I've updated my list since the original post of 8-14-17. Here's my current glass profile. I've sold a couple to downsize. :)

Russ Peak "Zenith" 7'9" 5wt.
Russ Peak "Zenith" 7'6" 4/5wt. mint
Vince Cummings FL280 8' 5/6wt. mint
Vince Cummings FL175 7'6" 5/6wt.
Vince Cummings FL275 7'6" 4/5wt.
H.L. Leonard LEF70 7' 5wt.
Sila Flex Perfection 7'6" 4pc. 5wt. mint
Sila Flex Medallion 7' 5wt. mint
Walt Carpenter 7'3" 3pc. 3/4wt.
Mario Wojnicki 82L5 8'2" 5wt.
Kabuto 7'6" 4wt. mint
Tom Morgan 7'6" 4wt.
Sage SFL580 8' 5wt. mint
Winston 8' 6wt.
Winston retro 8' 4wt.
Thomas & Thomas 7'6" 4wt.
Orvis "Golden Eagle" 8' 7wt. mint
Orvis "Golden Eagle" 7'6" 6wt. mint
Orvis "Golden Eagle" 7' 5wt. mint
Orvis "Golden Eagle" "Flea" 6'6" 4wt.
Orvis "Full Flex" 7'6" 5/6wt. mint
Larry Kenney 8'3" 4/5wt.
Larry Kenney 7'9" 4wt.
Larry Kenney 7'3" 3wt.
Chris Barclay 7'10" 5wt.
Chris Barclay 7'8" 4wt.
Chris Barclay 7'2" 3wt.
Steffen Bros. 8' 3/4wt.
Fenwick FF858-5 8'6" 5pc. 6wt. mint
Fenwick FF705 7' 5wt.
Scott F-2 7'7" 4wt. mint
Cortland "Pro-Crest" 7' 6" 6/7wt. mint
Cortland "Pro-Crest" 7'6" 5wt.
Sears & Roebuck "Ted Williams" 7'6" 5wt.
Wright & McGill "Panfish" 7' 4/5wt.

Re: Current collections
Post 13 Jan 2023, 17:59 • #358 
Joined: 06/07/17
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Location: US-AK
My small collection fills my needs though I’m always looking for a Winston glass rod, someday hopefully.

CGR 5’10” 3 Greys reel
Fenwick ff756 4pc Voyager
C. Barclay 70p paired with Hardy Featherweight Golden
Steffen Bros. 8’ 4/5 3pc
Steffen Bros. 7’9” 5/6 3pc both paired with Abel (Steve) TR in the 2 and 3
Fenwick ff857 2pc with a Galvan Standard 3.5 in green.

Parted ways with a few, but I think these are all keepers.

I also have a St. Croix 6wt mystery Anniversary rod, thread and pics on here.

Open to suggestions for a dedicated reel for the Fenwick. Thinking a Medalist?

Re: Current collections
Post 14 Jan 2023, 11:33 • #359 
Glass Fanatic
Joined: 10/20/11
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Location: US-MD
Dusty’s 764
Kabs 764
T&T Lotic 7105

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Re: Current collections
Post 14 Jan 2023, 12:17 • #360 
Joined: 12/24/22
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Location: Columbia River Gorge
Only been a glass convert for three or four years now and I’ve been focused on rods I’ll fish mainly. Just starting to get into collecting. Here’s what I’ve managed so far.

Scott F Series 723-5
Lamiglas honey 703
NFC Iconoglass 764
Orvis Superfine Glass 764
Hardy Sintrix glass 5/6 8ft
Epic 686
SA System 6
Browning Silaflex Medallion (think it’s 6/7 wt)
Hardy Fibalite 8ft 6wt
Fenwick 858
NFC Iconoglass 8 1/2ft 8wt
Hardy Richard Walker Superlite (has lower grip/ use as switch)
Hardy Esk (use as switch/ has lower grip)
Echo Glass 12’6 6wt Spey

Of course, the family is still growing.

I’ve kept a few graphite rods from my past life although I do fish my Burkheimer two handers for steel and salmon but I’m always hunting for glass two handers.

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