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Please, please do not list someone else's eBay auction or other sale just because it may be of interest to forum members. Everyone has access to eBay and the internet. There are far too many other forums, listings, marketplaces, and eBay auctions. To avoid clogging up the forum, "head's up" posts will be deleted. In the same manner, posts about charity events, kick starter projects, or Go Fund Me campaigns will be deleted also. Sorry. There are simply too many of them.

Discussion of ongoing eBay auctions and online sales could be considered price manipulation, so please don't post about active auctions. Auction prices should be determined by the bidders, not the peanut gallery. Besides, highlighting an ongoing auction is a good way to get outbid. There are no 'dibs' at online auctions. The best time to discuss your eBay finds is after you buy them.

If someone requests a particular rod on the Wanted forum, a link to an eBay auction or other website would be appropriate in that thread only. A link to a commercial site/auction may be appropriate if a particular rod or reel is the subject of a discussion thread. Keep in mind such links will likely be deleted sooner than later. However, that does not mean we can 'borrow' or 'save' the photos from a commercial site or auction. The photo copyrights belong to the original owner, not us. We don't have the right to display them without permission.



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