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During our 2-part, 12-day trip to WY, we accomplished a bucket list item by catching a Golden trout. This was in the Medicine Bow National Forest east of Saratoga. The hike was only 4 miles roundtrip; however, it was challenging as we had to cross 2 boulder fields along the edge of other lakes before arriving at Shelf Lake #1 and #2 at 10,950 feet. We saw some hikers, but no other fishermen. Didn't see any bears either!

Used my Fenwick 756-4. Had several fish follow my streamers and leech pattern. Even had a few bumps, but no hook-ups. Finally connected with a dry. Fishing from shore was tough, so I wet waded out in the 50-degree water to where I could cast to the drop-off.

Tight Lines- Ken

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Great job Ken! Ive been wanting to do that trip for decades and still havent done it. Glad you were successful!

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well done !

I tried to catch a golden in the Wind Rivers once, but couldn't do it.. did get a couple small ones in the Sierras though

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There are some pretty Volcano Goldens in the Golden Trout Wilderness in Southern California, where they are native.

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Nice. I’ve hiked into Wyoming lakes with goldens, and working from the shore can be difficult. Planting them there makes for an entertaining addition to a WY trip. Always a little more fun to get fish in their natural range, but then again, I enjoy fishing Georgia for bows and browns, so….

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Nice work ! I keep thinking I'll do some backpacking and fishing in Wyoming someday ...

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Excellent! Wind River range is on my list for next summer.

I wasn’t aware of Goldens in that area.

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Seriously nice.

Once upon a time they planted some Goldens around here (NW MT), close to me all the lakes that had them they died out. Need to wander some, never got a Golden and I aint gonna live forever.....

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I chased some Goldens in Wild Wonderful West Virginia in August and despite great advice from GnG (Barry S) I got skunked …

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