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Hitting the Jackpot
Post 29 Sep 2022, 04:35 • #1 
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Im really enjoying my Barclay 777. It's the perfect bass rod.

I had yesterday morning off, So I threw the kayak in the truck and hit the river. The weather is changing and the bite was slow. I had to contend with several snags and some lost flies. This gentleman felt like a snag too, until he pulled back. When in doubt, the Clouser Minnow provides. About "18 or so quickly measuring him against the measurements on the rod.

The 777 bends all the way to the cork, but still has the needed lifting power to keep the fish out of cover. It really is probably the most fun rod I've owned, although my experience is more limited then some of the people here. As others have found, It seems to like to be overlined. Im fishing a Cortland Flip Pallot Hi-Vis #8. A true #9. Heavy line seems to slow it down some but as long as you feel out the timing it will absolutely launch a fly. I have a redfish trip planned Sunday, and I think the graphite is staying home unless the wind is howling. Again, dependent on what Mr. Ian has to say.

Re: Hitting the Jackpot
Post 29 Sep 2022, 10:03 • #2 
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Looks like a nice fish and nice explanation of the Barclay rod’s characteristics. Hope you have a good redfish trip!

Re: Hitting the Jackpot
Post 29 Sep 2022, 12:57 • #3 
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Rad !!
It’s like you played the slot machine and it won on 777…
Enjoy the winnings .

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