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Michigan Destination
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I almost never take fishing trips and have decided maybe I should put one on the calendar. I like the thought of Michigan as it's fairly close for me and I can drive there; possibly take one of my kids too. A do it yourself, trout trip is what I have in mind.
Would anyone like to recommend a River/location that is conducive to fly fishing from foot? I'm not asking for someone's honey hole by any means; just an area "worth the trip." I've entertained the PM in Baldwin as that's where I learned to fly fish 20 some years ago. However, I know that is possibly a busy spot. I think the hex hatch is cool on that body of water.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Michigan Destination
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The Au sable. All three branches are easily wadable. Good info at Gates Lodge.

Re: Michigan Destination
Post 04 May 2021, 23:30 • #3 
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I second the AuSable out of Grayling MI. Gates Lodge is the more expensive location with river access, a shop and guides available from one location.

Try to time the Hex hatch. It was an experience. Fly fishing in the dark, what could be more fun.

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