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Diamondglass 6'6" 3 wt.
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I own a Diamondglass 6'6" 3 wt. that I love to fish. What are othe members thoughts on the rod ?

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This post should have been placed under Fishing With Fiberglass Fly Rods, and probably will be moved there. However, I used to have one of those Diamondglass 3 weights and many times I've wished I hadn't sold it to a friend. It is a delightful little rod. I let a friend cast it one day and he was having great difficulty in casting more than 25-30 feet. He was accustomed to graphite rods, so I had to show him how to relax and slow down and he found getting some distance much easier. I still have the 8' 4 weight rod from Diamondglass and I doubt I will ever get rid of it. Letting the Diamondglass series go was one of Cortland's biggest sins. What do you fish for and in what kind of waters? If you will go to your profile in the User Control Panel and list your general location that will also help people identify the type of fishing you might be doing.


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Welcome. And next to the user control panel, you’ll find the search function, and searching “Diamondglass 3wt” yields pages mentioning their 3wts; exploring searches can yield a lot of fun info. Also, on the main page, is a link to the “Wiki” page, where there’s a rundown on the Diamondglass models, including some user discussion from back in the day when they were still commercially available.

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Welcome to the board!
Yes, do some searches on that rod. I know a lot of folks like it. And I agree, your question will attract more eyeballs, and comments, in the Fishing with Fiberglass section.

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I bought a new Diamondback “Meeker” 6622 earlier this year on sale. My first 2wt. I love it. Have caught sizable bass and a ton of panfish on it. I know it’s not the same USA blank, but the new ones are sharp-looking rods, made in homage to the first generation. Owning the revival edition makes me want to own an original to compare.

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I custom built a DGL 6’6” #3 several years ago.

It was a “little lazer” of a caster. A very nice brookie stream rod.

After fishing it for a few seasons, I did find it a bit too fast for my liking however, and it just didnt load well for me at short fishing distances with a dt3 line. Overlining it with a 4wt sucked the “liveliness” out of the taper, so I sold it.

But I was very emamored with the build and hated to see it go.

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