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Fantastic report, and definitely not too many pictures.

I just got back from the Montana Clave and a few days fishing Yellowstone, and it was a great trip. But I kept thinking that the one thing that could make it better were if my daughter could come along. She's only 3, so we have a lot of time to look forward to. One day.

It's really great to see you two get that special time together.

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As a 27 year vet of teaching science in Vermont’s public schools I so appreciate your daughter’s interest in spending time in the outdoors. Even in rural Vermont the time in front of a screen versus the time out in the woods or water has reached the point of absurdity. Most news outlets and politicians are happy to report and discuss the opioid crisis, but few are willing to point out the cell phone addiction that is having an equally negative impact on our teens.


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Great photos and trip report! Thanks for sharing

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Thanks again for the kind words.

Rich, the cell phone thing drives me crazy, I just don't get it. Somehow my kids have escaped the addiction - and it is not just kids - look around at the adults. I just shake my head when you see an entire family out to eat and they don't interact at all - all looking at their phones the entire time.

GlacierRambler - enjoy all the time you have with her! Hard to believe my little girl is going off the college next year - seems like only yesterday she was 3 years old!

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