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Howdy from Florida
Post 05 Sep 2021, 06:27 • #1 
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Just joined this group..
When I was a fishing magazine editor in the early 70s, Fenwick sent me 4 rods, made from a new space age material called “carbon graphite fiber”, for evaluation. (Not fly rods). I broke 3 of them, 2 on fish. I sent the pieces back, telling them to “forget it & stick with fiberglass”.
Of course they ignored me, :lol and graphite rod technology has dominated the fishing industry.
They work well, but there’s something missing.. maybe feel, timing, finesse. The enjoyment of feeling a rod loading and having time to control the presentation.
Anyway, I’ve done some research and ordered a glass blank from NFC, & look forward to getting back to some of that old feel of a glass fly rod.
Sorry for the long dissertation here. Glad to find this group.
You’re never to old to learn.

Re: Howdy from Florida
Post 05 Sep 2021, 19:05 • #2 
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Just joined myself...but welcome.

Being of a similar vintage....Before graphite Composite (BC)..when I started fishing with flies...I appreciate the vintage gear myself. Also look forward to learning about modern glass products, of which I know little. Heard Echo makes good products, and, owning a fly shop here in Tucson for about 15 years and selling the Echo line, I respect Tim Rajeff's ability to turn out quality gear..he knows his stuff.

I like fishing reels of a similar vintage to the rod, and mainly fish local warmwater lakes myself, for largemouth, bluegills and redears out of afloat tube. The odd trip up north for trout , etc. is always a good break, but I find the feel of a good sized sunfish or bass on a glass rod cannot be beat.

Re: Howdy from Florida
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Well Welcome , and this is the place to learn everything and anything you might want to know on glass , both vintage and new age , a lot of extremely talented blank craftsmen frequent here , along with world class builders , it’s a lot of fun … Enjoy

Re: Howdy from Florida
Post 11 Oct 2021, 18:41 • #4 
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Welcome and enjoy !

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