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I am excited to be part of this group, and to learn more about glass rods. As a member of the Big Water Spey Cult, I have sort of reached the outer limits of how far I can throw a skagit into the great beyond..... As the numbers of my beloved steelhead slowly (quickly?) sink toward an unknown end, I have returned at least partially to my first love; chucking dries and streamers on the Deschutes. I picked up a nice old Sage SP, which is all good, but fishing it I remembered the glass rods of my boyhood. Cruising the net, I discovered that glass rods have come a long way in my absence, and then I found this forum. Thanks for all the good info on here. I look forward to discussing the journey and the eventual capture of one of these glass beauties.

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You'll probably find some long glass guys here, but IMO, those extra-long rods are where graphite shines.
Glass shines in anything shorter than 9', and is the only MOC that will make a good progressive taper down to 6'

Welcome to FFR.

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If you want to stay with two-hand casting, there are a few glass THers out there that are really pretty sweet. Otherwise, BD is right on with the length. An 8'-8.5' 7 or 8wt glass is really the perfect D streamer rod (that length/wt combo are a dime a dozen). My favorite dry/dropper rod for there is my Steffen 5/6....still fun on the smaller fish but with the backbone to deal with larger fish including the occasional steelhead.


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Outerhebrides - welcome! I actually recognize your handle for over on Spey Pages. There are several of us on here that crossover to both forums.

I’m one of the long glass guys that Bulldog mentions above, but even I have to admit that they are quirky tools and if you’re only going to one 2 hand rod it’s probably not going to be glass.

(Of course that doesn’t in any way stop me from working toward my apparent goal of developing the worlds largest collection of glass Spey and switch rods!)


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