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Iceland Trout Fishing?
Post 20 May 2021, 13:59 • #1 
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My fishing pal and I are thinking of a trip to Iceland in 2022, and I wonder if anyone has a suggestion for, or experience with self catering on a brown trout river? Any searches I make lead to a bewildering array of glossy web pages with few specifics about details and costs. Grateful for any advice!

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From what I can understand most of it is on the beat system and there's not much public water. Here's a good resource if you're looking for some access to private water.

Post 20 May 2021, 17:57 • #3 
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This may be worth checking into. ... gvallavatn

Post 20 May 2021, 18:40 • #4 
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The fly fishing consultant podcast did an episode on Iceland on dec. 10th 2020 i think it would be helpful

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I was in Iceland in 1995, NATO training exercise when I was in the Army. Plenty of water, but like Dusty said, not much is public.
While out roaming around the countryside, I did see a decent amount of folks fly fishing, and when I talked to the “guides” they explained to me that most of the water was private, pay for system specific to each watershed.
Like any inquiring fly rodder, I did ask about “bug life” and patterns, and it was pretty general that most were fishing small stuff, Midges! Most of the Browns were Sea run fish, and they were typically keyed in on the abundant midges.
I was there in July, for a month. Absolutely beautiful country, about 20 hours of daylight, mornings were calm, with “large” black flies, swarms like in northern Canada, and they ate you! About noon time, winds would pick up and the black flies got blown away. Winds were quite strong all afternoon till about midnight. Temps were from 25-30 overnight, daytime went up to about 55.

Post 21 May 2021, 08:37 • #6 
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Sounds like a destination where some kind of guiding is needed.
Huge browns in smaller and larger lakes.
You do need to like that kind of fishing.

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