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Just a quick PSA for you Mid Atlantic anglers.

Fellow member Carlz from DC asked me if Shad are running yet ?

I stopped up the lower Susquehanna River and Deer Creek the other night to check for him.

I’m happy to report shad have been staging in the main river for the last week.

They just started to come into the mouth of Deer Creek Tuesday night.

Smaller younger spawners will head up the creek first then the big-uns come into the creek
Which should be next week.

If you’ve never fished for Susquehanna Shad here’s a few spots you’ll want to check

This is the Stafford bridge pool

There a few parking spots at Stafford bridge but they go fast.

Pic of couple early birds in here the other night pounding the water..
The Stafford bridge pool Is the second staging hole Going upstream after the deep pool at the confluence of Deer Creek

It’s a real nice pool to fish its about waist deep in the middle nice and wide with some seams On either side

As you move upstream via Craig’s corner road Deer Creek gets kinda freestoney/trout looking with good bit of current ,
lots of rocks etc

Keep going upstream til you get to the pumping station pool where “elbow branch” dumps into deer creek
This is the most “famous” of all the holes as it’s the most aesthetically pleasing pool with all that whitewater and rocks ,tributary flowing in etc

The pumping station pool gets shoulder to shoulder sometimes so get there early or come after everyone leaves before dark.

Looking forward to Seeing some fiberglass fly rodders on the Crick this year .

Pm me if you’d like to get together and wet a line .
I’ve been fishing the area for over 30 years.
Lots of water in Harford County Maryland to explore.
Come on over.
Tight lines and double rigs to all ,

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Great report - I plan to get out for shad over next week, probably Fredricksburg VA.

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Thanks for posting - really enjoyed seeing the photos. Used to go there all the time when I lived up that way and the photos brought back some great memories. Caught the biggest smallmouth of my life against the wall at the mouth of Deer Creek when I was a kid. You never knew what you might catch in the Susquehanna depending on the time of the year. My dad has been telling me that he may ride up there and see what’s going on so I’ll let him know. He hasn’t been up that way for a few years and used to go to the pumping station once or twice a year.

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Awesome report, thank you!

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I talked with my dad today and he said a neighbor of his went there last week and caught some and went back again this week, but drove up and down the road and couldn’t park anywhere. That was on a weekday and he told my dad that it was packed.

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