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Ottobahn and the unicorn
Post 14 Apr 2021, 22:07 • #1 
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A couple of weeks ago I posted looking for a plastic cap for a Heddon cardboard rod tube.
I figured it was a long shot.
Alas, I was wrong. Member Ottobahn had just what I needed.
Apparently Otto has a thing for Martin reels of which I happened to have a spare spool for.
It was a perfect swap.
Then Otto sweetened the deal with a great Heddon tin sign.
As Otto said.
One mans stash is another unicorn

Post 15 Apr 2021, 08:27 • #2 
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Very cool. Congrats on the win!

Post 18 Apr 2021, 18:26 • #3 
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Sounds like a win-win deal. I’ve been pleasantly surprised several times with long shot requests in the wanted to buy forum. FFR is a great community.

Post 03 May 2021, 11:59 • #4 
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FFR is a great community! (And home of the occasionally expensive impulse buy, but always worth it!)

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