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New in Maryland
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Well, I have lived in Maryland for years. I am new to the forum. I’ve fished in a number of states east and west but not nearly enough. I am mew to fiberglass. I just bought a Scott f series 3 weight. Six and half feet long. It is an absolute blast with the big fliers and little bass and carp in my local pond. I have also caught a few stocked rainbows with it. The first trip to the pond (an hour after I bought the rod, no practice casting) was frustrating. I caught fish, sure and trees amd tied knots in my leader too. The next trip was awesome. Everything seemed to click on the second cast. It seems the slower pace suits me just fine.
I fish a lot of small brush choked streams with low hanging branches so the short rod makes sense, I still wish the rod was a foot longer for when I am fishing the ponds. Guess I’ll have to get another rod for that.
I have noticed after fishing that glass rod that my casting mechanics have improved. I guess I have really focused on that. Yesterday was pretty windy. I took a graphite rod out to the pond to see if any fish wanted to play. They did. Once I adjusted my stroke to the faster pace I saw I was casting farther and tighter loops. I guess I should have learned on a graphite rod, same principle as my dad teaching me to drive a manual transmission before letting me take out a car with the automatic.
Anyhow, I am really enjoying the glass rod and look forward to learning more about them.

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