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Welcome. A TFO 8wt is my primary salt rod, and most of the others are graphite as well. I wouldn’t worry about adding a glass rod to it unless and until you really want to.

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Hi Folks,

I'm fishing two Echo glass rods at the moment, along with a couple other graphite pieces. One of my Echo rods is a 9' 6W, and the other is a 10'8" 4W Switch.

The owner of the company I work for was cleaning house at the shop, and had a bunch of older rods he was ready to throw in the bin. I was fortunate enough to save a Betts 26S, with a sliding reel seat. It's perfectly fishable, except for some missing decorative winding, right next to the connection. Other than that, it looks almost brand new! It's a wet noodle, but I'm going to try it out during the week. :lol
I also saved an old, warped Shakespeare cane rod that will make a nice wall-hanger. This rod was wrapped in a very old Hardy's fabric sock, but I couldn't find a date.

Thanks for the add, and I look forward to exploring the site.

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Hi there,
First off, thanks for adding me to the forum. I've been a visitor to this site for a while due to recommendations from another forum but I only registered this weekend so hello everyone. I'm in England and after learning to fly fish with carbon rods and using them for 10 years plus I have found myself favouring the relaxed action of glass and cane rods. I have an Epic 580 a bloke 7' #3 and a recently acquired Phillipson Paragon cane rod that I'm yet to cast amongst other rods. I'm looking forward to contributing to any threads that I can add something to and hope to mine the collective wealth of info that many here possess.

Kind regards,

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